Help For Vertigo: 4 Things To Do Before Meeting with Your Doctor

13 May, 2022
Are you looking for help with vertigo? See Dr Edmund Fisher at his Bakersfield, CA office who can help you with your vertigo issues. Read the complete blog!

Rhinoplasty before and after: What you need to know

26 April, 2022
Want to know the ins and outs of rhinoplasty before undergoing the procedure? This blog will tell you what you may not know about the before and after rhinoplasties.

Sleep apnea and weight gain: Myth or reality?

5 April, 2022
Does sleep apnea cause weight gain? And can weight gain cause sleep apnea? Read on to find out.

Sinus infections: When to see a doctor

28 March, 2022
A sinus infection causes several common symptoms. Here are the five most common symptoms, as well as when you should seek out help from a doctor for your sinus infection.

Pressure and Pain: Treating Migraines and Headaches

11 March, 2022
Headaches and migraines are often confused for one another. Here is how to tell the difference between the two and decide which type of treatment is best for you.

Why is your allergy medicine not working?

19 February, 2022
If you suffer from allergic rhinitis or nasal allergies, your medications may have stopped working, but why does this occur?

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