How to regain Your Voice

How to regain Your Voice Back Quickly When You Have vocal cord surgery

Vocal cord surgery is often done to remove nodules on the vocal cords when other more conservative measures have not been effective. In general, expect about 6 to 8 weeks for your voice to recover and even longer to be able to use your voice in all the same ways you were able to before. How to regain your voice? For many with occupations that require the use of their voice, quick recovery is, of course, more desirable. Read on to find out how to heal more quickly and thoroughly from vocal cord surgery. 

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How to regain your voice quickly 

Aftercare is essential when it comes to regaining your voice quickly after vocal cord surgery. For the first few days, you will be on “voice rest.” Anything that can cause the vocal cords to move should be strictly avoided. This, of course, includes talking, humming, or making any sounds whatsoever using your vocal cords. It also includes whispering or even mouthing words. Other actions cause the vocal cords to move, too, such as clearing your throat or coughing and should be avoided. 

Once you are cleared to stop full voice rest, you will begin to wean yourself off. You will first be able to speak in only a whisper. A speech therapist will guide you through the weaning process to optimize your recovery. It’s also vital to keep up with your speech therapy appointments to keep the healing going smoothly.

It’s also paramount to keep up with any medication your doctor has prescribed. These may include medication to prevent coughing and reflux, even if you’re not suffering from these issues prior to or after surgery. These avoid problems that can hinder your healing process. Your doctor will also prescribe strong painkillers, be sure to take these on time to prevent any severe pain. Once these are finished, you can take other over-the-counter painkillers as needed.

Diet is also instrumental during recovery from vocal cord surgery. You will likely be placed on a liquid-only diet post-surgery. This will continue for a few days, after which you should graduate to soft foods and finally a normal diet. 

In general, recovering your voice quickly involves following your doctor’s instructions to the letter. Failing to do so can delay your recovery or even cause setbacks. If you have any concerns about how long recovery will take after surgery, speak to your doctor.

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