nasal polyps

Nasal polyps – causes, symptoms and diagnosis

Nasal polyps are small benign growths on the lining of the nose or sinus cavities. You may not even know you have them; they are not painful, and if they are small and you just have one or a couple, they often are not even noticeable. If they become large or you develop multiple polyps, you may start experiencing symptoms related to them. There is treatment available for them.


It’s actually not fully understood why some develop nasal polyps and others don’t. They are triggered by irritation and inflammation. However, they are usually preceded by chronic sinusitis. Some are more likely to develop nasal polyps. This includes people with asthma, allergies, chronic rhinosinusitis, and cystic fibrosis, 


Symptoms of nasal polyps include a runny or stuffy nose; difficulty with taste or smell; pain or pressure around the forehead, upper teeth, or sinus area; post nasal drip; nosebleeds; and/or snoring. The polyps won’t necessarily be able to be felt. Some may experience trouble breathing as well if the polyp is large or there are many. They may also lead to recurring infections. Because many of these symptoms coincide with symptoms of other nasal issues, you will need a doctor’s diagnosis to determine if you have nasal polyps.


When getting a diagnosis, your doctor will first ask about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing, as well as ask about any history of conditions that are commonly associated with nasal polyps. A doctor will look into your nasal cavity using an endoscope to view any polyps. They may also order a CT scan if necessary. 

If it’s found that you have nasal polyps, there are treatment options available, including medications, nasal sprays, and  surgery. At Bakersfield Sinus, Dr. Fisher offers treatment for nasal polyps, along with many other conditions of the nose.


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