Tips for Balloon Sinuplasty Recovery

Sinus balloon surgery is an excellent treatment option for those experiencing chronic sinusitis that hasn’t responded to other treatments. Balloon sinuplasty opens up the sinus cavities via a small ballooning device, helping people with the condition breathe more easily. 

One of the draws of this procedure is its minimal side effects. While this procedure is minimally invasive and non-surgical, there are still some things you can do to help your recovery go more quickly and smoothly.

Be gentle with your nose

Your nasal tissues have just been moved around, so they’ll be more prone to bleeding for a few days following your procedure. Do not blow your nose for  72 hours after your procedure. Avoid scratching or rubbing your nose vigorously as well. 

Sleep elevated

Another thing that can help your recovery after balloon sinuplasty is keeping your head elevated when you recline or when you go to bed. When lying flat, gravity causes increased blood flow to your nose, which can result in congestion. Especially after any kind of nasal procedure. Use several pillows to get your head high enough to minimize after-procedure congestion. 

Use all medications prescribed by your doctor

Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and steroids to you for use after your sinus balloon surgery. These help reduce the risk of infection. Your doctor may also prescribe a nasal spray to minimize swelling (and therefore congestion) in the nose. Follow your doctor’s instructions on how often to take these medications as well as which medications to pause if you were previously taking anything. 

Hold off on exercise

Another part of being gentle on your nose is staying away from exercise for about a week after your balloon sinuplasty procedure. Exercise can get your blood flowing quickly which can increase congestion to your nose after a procedure involving the nasal tissues. 


For at least the first day after your procedure, plan to relax and get some rest. Resting gives your body a chance to devote more energy to recovery, speeding things up and reducing the chance of complications.  

As always, be sure to follow the specific instructions of your doctor and consult with them if you have any questions about recovery after your sinus balloon surgery. 

You can learn more about balloon sinuplasty here

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